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Xiaomi SU7

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Xiaomi SU7 is a smart electric car that will be officially released on March 28, 2024. Within 27 minutes of the car being launched, the number of large orders exceeded 50,000, and all 5,000 original edition cars were sold out. The SU7 car is equipped with the Pengpai intelligent cockpit system, with a panoramic and transparent view. It only takes 2.78 seconds to accelerate from zero to zero. The entire series has long battery life. The standard starting range is 700 kilometers under CLTC conditions. This car is available in three versions: standard, Pro, and Max.

  Xiaomi SU7 battery life

The battery life of Xiaomi SU7 has been recognized. In the March battery life list, Xiaomi SU7 entered the 8th place on the list with a battery life of 830km.

  Xiaomi SU7 audio and entertainment experience

Xiaomi SU7 is the first to be equipped with QQ Music, which improves the in-car audio and entertainment experience. As a music streaming platform under Tencent Music Entertainment Group (TME), QQ Music is the first ecological partner of Xiaomi Motors, promoting the deep integration of smart cars and audio and entertainment scenes, allowing users to experience a more intelligent and personalized music experience .

  Market competition status of Xiaomi SU7

The successful start of Xiaomi SU7 not only confirms the initial success of Xiaomi's cross-border car-making strategy, but also injects new vitality into China's new energy vehicle market. With the gradual release of Xiaomi's automobile production capacity and the deepening of its market layout, it is expected to drive the common development of upstream and downstream partners in the entire industry chain and jointly create a new chapter in the intelligence of China's automobile industry.

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