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New energy vehicle driving mode

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The driving method of new energy vehicles refers to how electric vehicles drive. According to different driving methods, new energy vehicles can be divided into pure electric, plug-in hybrid, extended-range hybrid and other types.

Pure electric vehicle driving method

Pure electric vehicles are powered by rechargeable batteries and use motors to drive the wheels. Its structural layout is diverse, mainly including electric motor central drive and electric wheel drive. The electric motor central drive mode borrows the drive scheme of internal combustion engine vehicles, replaces the internal combustion engine with an electric motor and related components, and uses an electric motor to drive the left and right wheels. The volume and mass of the mechanical transmission device in the form of electric wheel drive are greatly reduced compared with the central drive form of the electric motor, and the efficiency is significantly improved, but it increases the complexity and cost of the control system.

Hybrid electric vehicle driving method

Hybrid electric vehicles refer to vehicles driven by two or more different kinetic energy drive methods. Their purpose is a smooth transition from internal combustion engine cars to pure electric vehicles. The driving logic of hybrid vehicles is that when driving at low speeds, the electric motor is most efficient, so it is driven by electric energy; while when driving at high speed, the efficiency of the electric motor decreases and the fuel engine is more efficient, so it is driven directly by the engine. In this way, both fuel consumption and power consumption can be operated in their respective optimal states, which is more economical and energy-saving than the range-extended model with only a series structure.

Fuel cell drive method

A fuel cell drives a vehicle, which uses an oxidation-reduction reaction between the fuel cell and air to generate electrical energy to drive the motor to drive the vehicle forward.

Hydrogen-oxygen engine type driving method

A hydrogen-oxygen engine type energy storage pool uses green power energy to drive the vehicle forward. It discharges pure and pollution-free water

Three driving methods of new energy vehicles

New energy vehicles can also be divided into three driving modes: front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. Front-wheel drive: The car has only two front wheels responsible for driving, and power comes from the front wheels. Rear drive: The two rear wheels of the car are responsible for driving, and the power comes from the rear wheels. Four-wheel drive: That is, a four-wheel drive vehicle. Usually, a motor is placed on the front axle and the rear axle of the car to achieve four-wheel drive.

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