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Leapmotor T03 Introduction

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Leapao T03 is a long-range intelligent pure electric car produced by Leapao Automobile brand. It adopts a 5-door and 4-seater layout, with body dimensions of 3620mm, 1652mm, and 1577mm, and a wheelbase of 2400mm. In terms of battery life, Leapao T03 performs very well, with its comprehensive operating mileage reaching 403KM. In addition, it is equipped with an L2 intelligent driving assistance system and has various automatic driving assistance functions such as APS intelligent parking system, ACC adaptive cruise system, and LDW lane departure warning system.

In terms of design style, Leapao T03 adopts a curved technological aesthetic design, with simple body lines, and is equipped with 15-inch aluminum alloy wheels and quantum fluid LED taillights. The interior of the car is spacious and comfortable, has a long battery life of 403KM, and is equipped with the LeapOn smart car system, which can realize voice control, navigation, remote control, video sharing, cloud synchronization, automatic parking and other functions.

The power system of Leapao T03 is composed of the Heracles electric drive assembly independently developed by Leapao. It has a maximum power of 55kW, a maximum torque of 155Nm, and an acceleration time of 0-50km/h in 5 seconds. In terms of safety, Leapao T03 adopts a high and low voltage isolation design, full isolation and insulation protection of live parts, and has passed a variety of safety tests to reach the IP67 safety protection level. In addition, it is equipped with cutting-edge safety technologies such as ESCHighplus body stability control system and TPMS intelligent tire pressure monitoring system.

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