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Leapmotor C11 Introduction

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The C11 is a smart electric SUV that will be on sale from 2021. The car has received widespread praise for its excellent performance and rich intelligent driving assistance functions. First of all, the C11 has a unique exterior design, adopting a streamlined shape design, which is completely different from traditional cars. Its body size is 4750mm×1905mm×1650mm, and its wheelbase is 2930mm, providing a spacious and comfortable interior space.

In terms of performance, C11 is equipped with self-developed permanent magnet synchronous motors with total powers of 200kW and 400kW and peak torques of 360N·m and 720N·m respectively. Depending on the configuration, the car's cruising range is 510 kilometers, 550 kilometers and 610 kilometers respectively. In addition, the C11 also provides two drive modes, two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, for consumers to choose from.

In terms of intelligent driving assistance, C11 is equipped with 22 intelligent driving assistance functions, covering a variety of vehicle usage scenarios such as low-speed roads, congested roads, express roads, parking and warehousing, etc. These functions can help drivers effectively reduce the driving burden and provide a convenient and safe driving experience. It is worth mentioning that the C11’s intelligent driving assistance functions will be continuously updated and iterated with the continuously updated OTA, bringing users a frequently used and often new intelligent experience.

C11 also has excellent intelligent network connection and intelligent battery system. It uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip to provide highly integrated interactive functions. It can provide automatic adaptation of 15 customizable vehicle functions based on user preferences. It can also provide open Internet of Vehicles services, including remote vehicle control and mobile phone voice. control etc. In terms of battery systems, C11 has achieved independent research, development, design and manufacturing of battery systems to provide users with safe and reliable battery protection.

With its excellent performance, rich intelligent driving assistance functions and independent innovation capabilities, the C11 has become a smart electric SUV that has attracted much attention on the market.

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