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ID.4 CROZZ new energy car

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1. Appearance design

The exterior design of ID.4 CROZZ breaks the traditional design style of Volkswagen and looks youthful and technological. In the color matching of new cars, blue, red and yellow are relatively more vibrant and recognizable colors. The relatively traditional gray is not ordinary gray, but very close to the cement gray color that has been particularly popular in recent years. In addition, its front face adopts a closed front air grille, and the high and low beams of the headlights are LED light sources. The body also uses 3D lighting design to make the vehicle more recognizable at night.

2. Interior design

The interior design of ID.4 CROZZ subverts the traditional popular style. The center console, large screen, and HUD head-up display and other functions all have a new look. In particular, the design of the steering wheel is completely different from the previous traditional design. Instead, it uses an irregular rotating button, which can be turned to correspond to different gears. In addition, ID.4 CROZZ is also equipped with a 5.3-inch suspended LCD instrument and a 12-inch central control screen, which is more effective in actual use. The car is equipped with 30-color ambient lighting, which can be set through the central control screen, paving the way for a stronger visual sense.

3. Configuration and performance

ID.4 CROZZ is equipped with an efficient BMS energy management system, which can bring users longer and more accurate battery life, allowing users to see the true cruising range of the car body at any time. Its battery capacity is 84.8kwh, and its comprehensive cruising range can reach 550km. In fast charging mode, the battery can be fully charged to 80% in 30 minutes. In addition, the power performance of ID.4 CROZZ is also very good. It adopts a front and rear dual motor layout. The motor has a comprehensive maximum power of 80\150kw and a comprehensive peak torque of 162\310n·m. With the four-wheel drive system, its 0-100km acceleration only takes 6 Seconds, it is in a leading position among pure electric SUVs in its class.

4. Intelligent and driving assistance systems

ID.4 CROZZ has a brand-new intelligent human-computer interaction system. The most eye-catching thing is the fantastic "light language" of ID.4 CROZZ. This model is equipped with a new interactive light strip ID.Light, which spans the entire instrument panel and is located End of instrument panel. When the vehicle is stationary, ID.Light can display the charging process and whether the vehicle is ready; when the owner unlocks the vehicle, the vehicle's headlights will "look toward" the owner, and the penetrating light strip and luminous vehicle logo will gradually light up. . In addition, ID.4 CROZZ is also equipped with lane keeping assist, ACC adaptive cruise and other functions, which can achieve L2 level semi-autonomous driving. In addition, it is also equipped with a one-button activated travel assist function. You can understand it as turning on these two functions more conveniently. It is still very helpful for driving safety at high speeds and long distances.

5. Battery life

The ID.4 CROZZ has excellent battery life. As a pure electric vehicle, this is its core competitiveness and the selling point that consumers are most concerned about. ID.4 CROZZ provides models with different range versions based on different battery capacities, including 400km, 500+km and 550km. In the actual test drive, the battery life performance of ID.4 CROZZ was also verified. It had a battery life of 493 kilometers when starting from the Optics Valley Hengxin store. After a journey of nearly 400 kilometers, the battery was still sufficient.

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