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ID 3 new energy car

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1. Appearance design

ID3 has a trendy appearance design and is highly recognizable. The through-type light strips on both sides of the logo are connected to the matrix headlight groups on both sides, making the entire front face look bright. The shape of the side of the car is also very cool, especially the 20-inch starfish petal-style wheels. The two commonly used colors of the wheels are mixed and matched, and they look like rotating metal starfish, which is very sporty. The two-color treatment on the rear of the car also looks highly recognizable, and the high-gloss black decorative paint also enhances the recognition.

2. Interior design

The interior design of ID3 also follows the trend, using the latest design language of the MEB pure electric platform. In addition, the AR-HUD head-up display system, which is most commonly used by young people today, has also been added to make driving more convenient and intelligent. There is also a horizontal penetrating light strip on the instrument panel in the car. Combined with the ID.Light light language system, it can emit light effects of different colors in various scenarios such as navigation, incoming calls or voice interaction, making it easier to understand the information. many.

3. Dynamic performance

ID3 is a pure electric model. Its acceleration performance really takes full advantage of the advantages of pure electric models. It only takes 3 seconds to accelerate from 0-50km/h. There is no lag in acceleration like that of fuel vehicles, and its acceleration process is also very quiet. It also does not affect driving comfort3. The new ID3 has not been changed in appearance, and it still has a light and rhythmic design style. The new ID3 has also been improved in terms of power, especially the response speed of the motor is very fast. This is an aspect that fuel vehicles cannot match. It is also very convenient when overtaking.

4. Battery life

The ID3 has a built-in battery pack with a capacity of 57.3 kilowatt-hours, and the comprehensive driving range can reach 430 kilometers, which is in line with the mid-to-upper level of this class of models and greatly meets the needs of consumers for car use9. In addition, ID3, like other products on the same platform, has undergone 338 stringent battery safety verifications to ensure the safety of passengers under various extreme conditions.

ID3 is a new energy electric vehicle that combines fashion, intelligence, strong power and long battery life. Both the exterior and interior are full of modernity and technology. It is a new energy vehicle worth considering.

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