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Comparison of ternary lithium battery and lithium iron phosphate battery

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Ternary lithium battery and lithium iron phosphate battery are two common power batteries at present. There are certain differences between them in terms of composition, energy density, cycle life, safety performance and cost.

1. Cost

Lithium iron phosphate battery does not contain precious metals such as cobalt, so the cost of raw materials is low, while ternary lithium battery is the opposite.

2. Energy density

The energy density of ternary lithium battery is usually higher than that of lithium iron phosphate battery. This means that ternary lithium battery can store more energy, but may be slightly heavier than lithium iron phosphate battery in weight.

3. Cycle life

The cycle life of lithium iron phosphate battery is usually better than that of ternary lithium battery. This means that lithium iron phosphate battery can still maintain high performance after multiple charge and discharge.

4. Safety performance

The safety performance of lithium iron phosphate battery is usually better than that of ternary lithium battery. The reason is that the nickel cobalt aluminum 18650 battery in the ternary material will self-heat when it exceeds 180℃, and it is difficult to control after catching fire, while the lithium iron phosphate material will not release heat until it reaches 250℃.

5. High temperature resistance

Lithium iron phosphate battery is more resistant to high temperature than ternary lithium battery. When the ambient temperature reaches 600℃, it begins to melt gradually. In contrast, ternary lithium batteries begin to melt gradually at around 300℃.

6. Low temperature resistance

Ternary lithium batteries are more resistant to low temperatures and can maintain normal battery capacity even in an environment of minus 30 degrees Celsius. Therefore, it is recommended that friends in the north, especially those in the northeast, choose vehicles using ternary lithium batteries. On the contrary, friends in the south are more suitable to choose lithium iron phosphate batteries.

7. Charging speed

Ternary lithium batteries charge quickly and can be fully charged in a shorter time. Lithium iron phosphate batteries charge slowly and take longer to be fully charged.

8. Service life

The number of charge and discharge cycles of lithium iron phosphate batteries can reach more than 3,500 times, and some can even reach 5,000 times, while the number of cycles of ternary lithium batteries is only about 2,500 times, so lithium iron phosphate batteries have a longer life.

9. Applicable scenarios

Ternary lithium batteries are suitable for vehicles that require high energy density, such as high-performance electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are suitable for vehicles with high safety requirements, such as low-speed electric vehicles and electric bicycles.

The choice of battery depends on actual needs. If you need high energy density, fast charging and long driving range, you can choose ternary lithium battery; if you need higher safety, longer service life and lower maintenance cost, you can choose lithium iron phosphate battery.

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